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live your best life – we’ll automatically offset your impact with micro, spare change donations

Screen mockup of the mobile app Econus on an iPhone 12. The mockup is Econus persona creation step 2, linking your purchases to the causes they affect so you can donate your spare change

How does it work?

Living your best life while also taking care of the planet can be complicated.

Things like driving up a canyon to watch a beautiful sunset while enjoying a tasty meal come with so many unintended consequences, consequences like air pollution and waste.

Econus makes consumption sustainable by empowering you to offset the unintended consequences of the things you buy.

Buy a tank of gas for your drive up the canyon -> donate your spare change from that purchase to an organization researching electric vehicles to make them more affordable for the average consumer, or use it to buy carbon offsets.

Send your spare change from that tasty meal to an organization developing revolutionary new packaging or meatless alternatives.

Choose your Purpose

Choose the causes you are most passionate about. Causes like ↴

The environment

Impact on a community from a Fast Food desert

Covering your friend’s medical bills


When it comes to change, it requires money, lots. The way around that, lots of people giving all they can spare.

Live your life.

We’ll Round-Up your purchases to the nearest dollar and use the spare change to support your purpose!

Preference Personas

A Persona is a collection of your passions. Share it with like-minded individuals and crowdfund your change

Worried that your tank of gas is contributing to climate change?

Concerned that a burger n’ fries combo is meddling with our healthcare system?

Choose the organizations best equipped to manage the unintended consequences of consumption and we’ll send them your Round-Ups!

Crowdfund, One-Time & Recurring Contributions​

Maybe your passion is getting your favorite band gas money to play a show in your town, maybe it’s paying a friend’s medical bills.

Send one-time, recurring, or Round-Up contributions to the non-profit organizations and crowdfunding campaigns you believe in most.

Choose your level

Our plans are designed for:

1) those looking for an easy place to donate
2) those looking to reduce their ecological footprint
3) those looking to reduce their footprint, schedule and manage all donations from one location, and set up multiple crowdfunding campaigns (musicians and gas money, event planners and donation campaigns, etc)

*Fyi, the reason we charge a subscription fee is to keep our lights on (70% to us, 30% to our partners), while ensuring your chosen non-profits get the most out of your donation!

Depending on your subscription level, Econus takes 0% until you hit a set donation amount. Many of our competitors take 10-15% of all donations.



per month

Best for those making one-time contributions

  • Make one-time donations
  • Make crowdfunding contributions



• 5% Econus fee

• 2.9% + $0.3 processing fee

all-in-one donation station


per month

Best for those looking to reduce their footprint, schedule and manage all their donations, and create multiple crowdfunding campaigns (hello, musicians )

Preference Personas + Donation Management + Crowdfunding Campaigns

• Can create Multiple Campaigns each month


• Invitation to our Facebook Group where we’ll chat all things sustainability



• A reduced 0.8% processing fee

• No Econus fees until $50+ of contributions, 2.5% after

*All donations are subject to DAF distribution fee. See below for info.

Download Econus today!


* We’ve partnered with a donor advised fund (DAF) to handle all donation distributions.

Our partner will deduct from any donation: (i) the platform fee based upon your subscription level to be sent back to The Active Consumer (Econus), and (ii) a fee equal to three-and-a-half percent (3.5%) of your Donation before disbursing the remaining amount to a charitable organization.

Our DAF partner is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. As such, all or part of your donation may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please check with your tax advisor.
See our Terms and Conditions, sections 6 and 7, for more information on this partnership.