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The True Cost of Consumption

What is it that makes consumption inherently unsustainable?

You buy green. You recycle your paper, plastics and glass. You do everything you’re supposed to do.

But unfortunately, the majority of your recycled plastics are worth more in the air than as a new pair of Nike Space Hippie’s (Nike’s recycled shoe), and discreet ‘green’ marketing gimmicks continue to bamboozle us at the register.

So, apart from living in a cave on a steady diet of berries, what can be done?


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Image of a woman driving her car. The pollution is getting sucked out of the tailpipe by the Coalition for Clean Air

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Environmental & Societal Impact

From climate change to healthcare, the impacts from consumption vary widely

Visit the following pages as we use Fast Food to explore the external costs “paid for” by our Environment and Society

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According to a 2017 study, just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions worldwide.

If so few, albeit large, organizations are responsible for so much of the damage we live with today, what can an individual do to make a meaningful impact?